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Surabaya, provincial capital of East Java and Indonesia’s second largest city, served for over half a millennium as trading port for the inland empires of Java. Situated at the mouth of the Brantas River, Surabaya was officially founded in 1293 when Raden Widjaja established Majapahit, Indonesia’s most glorious empire on the site of a legendary battle between a shark (sura) and crocodile (baya) that’s why the city called sura-baya. Surabaya known as the “City of Heroes” because of its role in the nation’s independence struggle, has grown into an elegant city of large, colonnaded buildings bordering broad, tree shaded avenues. Surabaya serves as the commercial centre of a thriving industrial and agricultural hinterland. The Surabaya’s historical sites include Kali Mas harbor with its tall master trading schooners and nearby the narrow alleyways and the shops of the Arab quarter, redolent of the Middle East. The historic Hotel Majapahit in Surabaya, where Indonesia’s war of independence was begun, and the elegant Grahadi State buildings in Surabaya is an 18th century mansion, have been restored as monuments to an era of colonial grace. Surabaya is also home to one Southeast Asia’s oldest and largest zoos. For travelers in East Java, Surabaya serves as a convenient base for exploring the region’s many charms, including Mt. Bromo, the cool mountain retreats of Tretes and Malang and the natural wonders of several nature reserves. Whether you visit Surabaya for business or pleasure, this map is designed to help you make the most of your visit.

Places of interest in Surabaya
Jembatan Merah; translated as THE RED BRIDGE. One of the most savage battles is Java’s history was fought around here. The “Battle of Surabaya” began on 10 November 1945, less than three month after the proclamation of independence had been read in Jakarta and it was right here that Brigadier General Mallaby was killed. Further down the Red Bridge is China town, an area packed with buildings of typical colonial construction. It is still a crowded business and trade center.
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Heroes Monument; this is a tall commemorative monument, standing aloof and proud in the center of the main city square - Kebon Raja, opposite the East Governor’s office at Jalan Pahlawan. It was erected in honor of the merits and sacrifices of the heroes fallen during the “Battle of Surabaya”. The monument becomes a center of major attention every November 10th - The Heroes Day, the day when the nation commemorative those who died during the war of independence and there is also museum.
Surabaya Zoo; located at Jalan Setail 1, is said to be the largest zoo in South East Asia. The zoo is well stocked and offers a good selection of different kind of animals, such as monkeys, deer’s, zebras, lions, elephants, camel, the famous komodo, the world largest lizard for which the island of komodo in the lesser Sunda chain is famous. The Nocurama section houses a collection of bats, flying squirrels and various other night animals.
Four Faced Buddha Statue; located at Kenjeran Beach, the statue of the Four – Faced Buddha is embedded with a deep philosophy that brings together four of Buddha’s good traits, namely, merciful, magnanimous, fairness and meditative. Each of the eight hands of the Four Faced Buddha holds a holy book, holy water, weapon of defense, weapon to fight evil, book of holy scriptures, prayer beads, pennant and cupu (box of pills). The biggest Four Faced Deity Statue in Indonesia, it has an overall height of 36 meters (including the dome). It was officiated on November 9, 2004. The area is frequently used by member of the local Chinese community for prayers and religious rituals.
Cheng – Hoo Mosque; Blending Islamic, Javanese and Chinese elements, the mosque has a unique and magnificent design and is located at Jl. Gading. The form of the building is, in many ways, typically Chinese but with elements of Javanese joglo also thrown into the mix. A legend in his own time, the Chinese Admiral Cheng Hoo became a Muslim and joined the Majapahit Empire. The Chinese Muslim Community built the mosque to remind the world that many Chinese are also members of the Islamic faith. Walking around the local neighborhood it’s interesting to see many local Muslims of Chinese descent working as pedicab drivers or running food stall.

House of Sampoerna; consist of Museum, café, Art gallery and shop. Situated in “Old Surabaya”, the beautiful stately Dutch colonial – style compound was build I 1862 and purchased in 1932 by Liem Seeng Tee, the founder of Sampoerna. Occupied a preserved historical site, HoS recently launched a free city sightseeing tour named “Surabaya Heritage Track”. So – called history tracker can enjoy and get to know the buildings and the history of Surabaya learn the “Babad Surabaya” and obtain information about other places to visit in Surabaya. The SHT us that is modeled after the tram departs from HoS there times a day.

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