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Simpang Lima Semarang
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Simpang Lima icon of the city

     Semarang as the capital of Central Java is mending itself in order to gain local and domestic tourist interest, especially when the government has declares that the Visit Indonesia Year was to be extended until late 2009.
     Actually, tourism objects are relatively common in Semarang, Just to mention, Tanjung Emas Harbor, Tugu Muda, museums such as the Nyonya Meneer, Jamu Jago, Muri, and Mandala Bakti, and then the newly renovated zoo, and the Chinese Tample of Sam Poo Kong.
     Visiting Semarang just doesn’t feel right when you haven’t seen Simpang Lima (Five intersections). But some are thinking, what’s so special about Simpang Lima? A place like that you can always find in Jakarta, in fact, there many such places that you can find here in the capital city.
     Regarding to this kind of places, you may find iti anywhere, but should you be there yourself, you’ll feel the different ambience. Friendliness and quietness are two things that worth mentioning. To the Semarang people, Simpang Lima is their icon of the city, and they’re proud of it.

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     It’s called Simpang Lima, due to the five major roads that lead to one spot, which is the boulevard. Those five roads are Pandanaran, Pahlawan, Ahmad Yani, KH Ahmad Dahlan, and Gajah Mada Streets. As is said, Pandanaran is a name of a sovereign whom served to the needs of the locals, and not to himself. He made many sacrifices to the society, not only with his wealth and fortune, but also his life. The Simpang Lima Boulevards an open space for the society of many walks of life. The boulevard feels alive during the night before Sundays, Sunday Mornings,

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or on public holidays. On the night before Sundays and the morning after it, there many vendors selling things with affordable prices. Among them are handyman equipments, DVD disc, belt, shorts, and many home utensils. Including souvenirs, school utensil, sandals, and hair equipment are sold here.
     Simpang Lima feel cozy and quiet, especially during the monsoon, due to the large trees that surrounded the place. There are even some that reached the height of 5 meters.
     Around the Simpang Lima area there some object that are shame to be missed. On the west side there’s the Baiturrahman Mosque as the prating spot of Moslems. On another west side there’s the E-Plaza, one of the movie theatres that exist in Semarang. Other than that, there are meny supermarkets such as Ramayana on the south side, Matahari Plaza on the north, Mall Ciputra and Robinson on the north, they are also Horrison Hotel on the east and Ciputra Hotel on the north side, which made Simpang Lima a never resting place.
     Many kind of food and snacks are scattered and sold in “lesehan” style on the path walk and squares. In Semarang, Simpang Lima is the center. Semarang also has religious tourism, which is the Great Mosque.
     Rumors has it, the mosque is one of the biggest mosque in Southeast Asia, completed with a tower as high as 99 meters. The height made accordingly to the 99 characteristics of God. The tower is also use as the gathering place to determine the beginning of Ramadahan.
     Semarang doesn’t only have tourism potentials in the city, but also in its district. The sites in the district of Semarang are just as beautiful as the city. One among many is the Hills Joglo Villa at the foot of mount Ungaran. This area gives you the village atmosphere surrounded by rice fields. There are also many Joglo houses here, one of them is the house that was built in 1822, in the village of  Godong, there even some genuine furniture left inside the house.
     Facilities such as swimming pool and gallery are provided in this house. When entering the gallery, visitors can see varieties of paintings, or ancient pottery that are found in the island of Java and Bali, there are even some that originated from Vietnam.
     Just a little bit to the south, in Ambarawa to be exact, you can stop by at the Banaran coffee Village in Bawen Street. Many facilities are offered here; among them are swimming pool, tennis court, play ground, camping ground, and ball room. You can go around this area by riding tourism coach that only costs Rp 4,000.
     Not only looking trough the coffee plantation, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. For there you can see five mountains at once, those are Sumbing, Gajah Mungkur, Kelir, Elomoyo, and Merbabu, which surrounded the plantation. To end the journey around the coffee plantation, visitors will enjoy the scenery of sunset while with a cup of coffee and dumplings.

     Nowadays, the capital of Semarang is Ungaran. There, you can see the Train Station Museum, Palagan Ambarawa, and Willem II fort.

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