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Wisata Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa

Museum Kereta Api Ambarawa
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Railway mounting tour

As to the train station museum, according to PT Kereta Api, it suits the purposes of educating, preserving, conserving, research, development, observation, and not to forget, recreational.
In the train station museum, situated some of communication devices from the old days such as old phone receivers made in the year 1900, 1901, and 1926 by the Americans, Conductor’s hat, mottos, numerous photos, the Yasa Hall of Semarang 1918, telegraph device, type writer, ticketing machine, and two toilets with Hesren and Dames written in the doors.
The Ambarawa Train station museum with ancient technology that served the need of transportation since the pre-independence era until 1964. This museum consist of 21 stem locomotives, situated in the north and west of the museum, and 5 steam locomotives situated in the depot, which 3 of them are operable.
Other than the Train Station Museum, Ambarawa trains station also have an old locomotive that can travel the mountains with its gears. This one of a kind Indonesia’s geared train is still capable of hiking slopes with 30 degrees incline towards Bedono station which is 9 kilometers away and the journey can be made in about an hour, with the capacity of 80 passengers. The geared steam locomotive is unique and is one among three that are left in the world. With two other situated in India and Swiss.

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Tourist can enjoy the beautiful panorama along the way, trough Ungaran and Merbabu Mountains that situated high above with and Pening swamps below it, which are truly a breathtaking view.
The museum provides three kinds of tour which are named ‘Railway Mountain Tour’. Tourists can enjoy the natural view of Ambarawa and the surrounding villages by riding on the geared steam locomotive, or Lori on demand.
According ti the history, Ambarawa during the Dutch-Hindi era was a military area, and there for, King Willem the 1st wanted to build a train station in order to mobilize his soldiers toward Semarang.
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On the 23rd of May 1873, Ambarawa train station was built on a 127.500 m2 of land.
During its reigning days, Ambarawa train station was known as Willem 1. Ceased its functions of serving the tracks Ambarawa-Kedungjati, Semarang, and in the year 1976 for the tracks Ambarawa-Secang, Magelang, and also Ambarawa-Temanggung.
With the closing of Ambarawa train station, on the 8th of April 1976, The Governor of Central Java, Soeparjo Rustam, along with the Head of Public Train Company, Soeharso declared Ambarawa Train  Station as museum by gathering 21 of locomotives that took part in the battle for independence, especially in mobilizing Indonesia’s soldiers.
With its massive containment of history along with the touch of the well preserved locomotives, made this location a favorite spot to make pre-wedding pictures, or just to walk pets for the locals.
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