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Acroos the straits from Bali

Lombok may not be well known as its next door neighbor Bali, but this might actually be an advantage- it gives you the chance to enjoy its splendors up close and personally.

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            Starting from south, we arrive at Pantai Seger, Kuta, around 70 km from Mataram, right in front of the Hotel Novotel Coralia Lombok, Pantai Seger is the chief venue of the Nyale festival which takes place in February and March. Nyale are sea worms that appear in the sea for two days each year, believed by the people of Lombok to be a manifestation of Putri Mandalika, a Lombok princess who jumped into the sea to avoid the strife between several princes who all sought her hand. The local people hunt the Nyale and cook them up for a major feast.
            In the afternoon we could see a group of seaweed farmers returning from their harvest. They gather the seaweed during Lombok’s dry season (July-December). Every morning and afternoon at low tide they collect the seaweed and bring it to shore on two large inner tubes tied together. Once ashore, they use a cidomo, a traditional wooden horse-drawn cart, to carry the seaweed home to be dried. Kuta is Lombok’s biggest seaweed producing area; the product is exported to Hongkong, where it is used to make cosmetics.
            From Pantai Seger, follow the coast to Tanjung Aan, around 4 km from Kuta. The sea displays various shades of green and blue; pure white sands and a cluster of stony outcrops. One side of Tanjung Aan has fine white sand, and the other side large black grains like peppercorns.
            Most of the residence of Tanjung Aan are quite poor. The area is very dry; they only get one rice crop per year, relying solely on the scant rainfall. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself followed by a mob of small children trying to sell you souvenirs to raise money for their school fees.
Pantai Senggigi
From the weast of Lombok, we turn to Pantai Senggigi, which is to Lombok as Pantai Kuta is to Bali-the most popular beach. Along the beach fronting the Senggigi Beach Hotel, while waiting for the sun to set we can see children chasing one another, foreign tourists in
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