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Wisata Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu
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Lawang Sewu the building of a thousand doors

According to the history, at the beginning Lawang Sewu was use as the headquarter of Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij (NIS), the first Dutch owned public train company in Indonesia established in 1864.
When the five days war of Semarang erupted, 14th-18th August 1945, Lawang Sewu and areas near it became the center of armed conflict between Indonesian and Japanese soldiers. There were casualties as always. In order to commemorate these casualties, ono the left of the entrance gate, a column with the name of the name of all casualties was rise.
To the Semarang people, the name Lawang Sewu is common. An old building with pealing walls on the outside which give the appearance of being untattended. Yet, what is so special about the building that looks untaken care of?
According to the rumors, Lawang Sewu is haunted. Several screenshots and bravery trial even located in this building. As is said, in the bravery trial program, there were several sightings. Due to the haunted status, Lawang Sewu gain many tourist interests. To thoe two enjoy mystical stories, they choose to visit it in the night. Usually on Thursday and Saturday nights.
Lawang Sewu nowadays is managed by the State Owned Train Company. There are two kinds of tourist targeted to visit this building, domestic an international.
In the day, during holiday season Lawang Sewu usually visited by children from schools outside Semarang., there are even some that come from outside Central Java. They are eager to gain information about the history of Lawang Sewu. Other than the students, this historical building is also visited by families and other visitors.

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Foreign tourists are usually comes from Holland, and Japan. They want to feel nostalgic touch of the building while some just want to see the firm and strong building with their own eyes. According to Bambang, a tour guide in Lawang Sewu, not so long ago, the were hundreds of foreign tourist came down from the cruise ship MS Stantendam which set Anker in Tanjung Emas Port, Semarang to see Lawang Sewu.
Actually, the building isn’t spooky as it seems to be. If step inside it, it look rather clean and taken care of. Of course there’s no lights what so ever inside. If the outlook seems spooky, that’s where the appeal of Lawang Sewu is.
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Lawang Sewu have basement. The Dutch uses it as cooling system of all the room above it. But when the Japanese came in and took over Lawang Sewu, they changed the function as dungeons. Rooms with the size of 1 meter square were fitted with five prisoners. Other than that it’s also function as torturing room decapitation room! The victims were Indonesian and Dutch.
In order to get to the pitch black basement, you’ll be escorted by a guide, with the fee of Rp 6,000/person. During the monsoon, the water entered the basement, the organizer provided boots and flashlights. If you are ever in Lawang Sewu don’t miss the chance to do the basement tour.

If you enjoy tourism objects that can raise your adrenaline, Lawang Sewu is one of them.
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