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Wisata Cirebon dan Kuningan

Gua Sunyaragi
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Cirebon and Kuningan

Cirebon is one of the important harbor cities in Java and it is developing as an industrial city. From Bandung, Cirebon can be reached via Sumedang with scenic panoramas along the way. Although Cirebon is not as big as Bandung, it has upper scale hotels and good seafood restaurants. Most of them are located in the city center, in Jl. Tuparev, Jl. Siliwangi and Jl. Kartini. The oldest Moslem Kingdom in West Java was located in Cirebon. The first king was said to be grandson of Prabu Siliwangi of the Pajajaran kingdom. There are three palaces in Cirebon. The significant one is Keraton Kasepuhan. A traditional gapura or gate marks the entrance that leads to a pretty large yard. The yard is surrounded by red brick structures, and shaded by big old trees. You may find a man who looks as ancient as those trees sweeping the falling leaves and maintaining the yard with great care. The walls of the palace are embedded with antique ceramics plates from China, a reminder of the importance of Cirebon in the old days as a port frequented by Chinese traders. The palace is flanked by two museums housing a carriage, gamelan (traditional musical instrument) sets and other historical items. The other two minor palaces are Kanoman and Kacirebonan. Masjid Panujunan, a walking distance from the Keraton, is an old mosque built around 1478.

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Gua Sunyaragi
This curious shaped grotto on Jl. Brig. Jen. Dharsono, might tempt you to play hide and seek once you are inside, and you might get lost too. Gua Sunyaragi built in 1703 by one of the princes, Gua Sunyaragi was used as a place for learning martial art and meditation. Later on the place was raided and destroyed by the Dutch. Gua Sunyaragi was reconstructed during the reign of Prince Adiwijaya, assisted by Chinese architect in 1852.
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Astana Gunung Jati
About 5 km North of the city, Astana Gunung Jati the sacred grave site of Sunan Gunung Jati and his wife, believed to be a princess from China. Sunan Gunung Jati is one Wali Songo or Nine Apostles in Moslem religion, who spread Moslem religion as far as Banten. Many people visit the Astana Gunung Jati from distant area pray and ask for blessing.
Cipari & Linggarjati
30 minutes South of Cirebon is Kuningan area. Kuningan has a natural beauty of its own and the climate is cooler. The places to go include Cipari, where a pre-historic site was found from which items are displayed in a small museum. Linggarjati is a village at the foot of Mt. Ciremai, the history of Indonesian Independence is told by rows of photos were taken during the negotiation and the signing of Linggarjati agreement. Formerly the house was owned by a Dutch entrepreneur, and has been renovated and preserved as a historical building. Linggarjati is a good starting point for mountain climbers. Opposite the junction of the road to Linggarjati is a hot spring area called Sangkan Hurip.

The Outskirts of Cirebon
The village of Trusmi, approximately 5 kms prior to entering the city of Cirebon from Jakarta has several batik factories. The design of Cirebon batik is different to batik from Central Java. It is influence by Chinese with characteristically bright colors with flower, plant or bird motifs. Some other Village around Cirebon produce rattan furnitures, framed goat skin embedded with wayang figures or calligraphy

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