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The West Sumatran city of Bukittinggi, a former Dutch outpost, is situated in the Minangkabau highlands and boasts a cool climate and central location.
In Bukittinggi the Novotel occupies to be the focal point of a hill town, and the most life radiates from here. It enjoys the patronage of government and corporate conferences, as well as a large international clientele.
The air is pollution free and cool, although the daytime temperature can be hot, it is easy to find shade. At night, you will need long sleeves.
Next door is the presidential guest house called Istana Bung Hatta. Close by is the town square dominated by the Jam Gadang clock tower. And this probably unique in Indonesia as it does all a town square should. That is, act as gathering place in which people can meet and relax before venturing forth into Pasar Atas. It is also the only flat piece of land in town
Bukittinggi was actually an important centre for the Dutch and Javanese occupation forces, and later the Indonesian independence movement. It is about 1,000 m and 2 hour drive above the city of Padang, where the airport is. On the drive, you will pass by rushing rivers and virtually unspoilt jungle where there are still elephants, leopards, rhinos and a couple of tigers left.
This is also the centre of the unique architecture style of Sumatra-the Gadang with its renowned tall symmetrical end-eaves and brightly paneled walls.

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Where to Buy
Pasar Atas and Pasar Bawa are adjacent each other. You can get clothing, luggage, shoes, accessories and trinkets. Once you visit the village of Pandai Sikek, you will find hand-loomed songket. And also you can visit Koto Gadang where they specialize in silver, especially jewellery and Jalan Yani has several good antique shops.

What to See
For the mildly adventurous, there are treks through the Sianok Canyon just outside the town. This will take you to the slopes of the volcanoes of Merapi and Singgalang. There is pleasant day trip to the placid Lake Maninjau where you can swim or water-ski. And also descend several hundred meters into the tunnel built by the Javanese during WW II (Goa Jepang). And also you can see a Sumatra dance troupe; it colorful and lively-and look for the one where they dance on broken plates.

Where to Eat

The Sianok restaurant at the Novotel  specialises in Italian and Indonesian dishes, and you can sit in the colonnaded area under cover or dine in the open air on the lawn. One special is just out of town; Unicah where they have the best nasi kapau.

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