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Birthplace of Modern Indonesia

The Small, sleepy town of Blitar is basically the starting point of modern Indonesian nation. Directly, it is about 80 km from Malang or you can take other route that will take you over mountains, by lakes, via the beach and through a rainforest.
            Blitar is not only where the founding President Soekarno was born, it is the site of his final resting place. Istana Gebang is a wonderful country town, where Soekarno was born and spent his childhood before moving to Surabaya and on to this place in history. The Istana still contains the original furniture, loads of paintings and photographs, not to mention his original bed-and guide will point out a veranda dining table where politics were plotted.

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Makam Bung Karno lies behind a splendid new memorial library dedicated to Soekarno, about 4 km from the town centre. Once through the great Majapahit entrance gateway, you are greeted by a series of columns and a huge seated statue. There is an impressive collection of books for serious students on one side and on the other, a marvelous exhibition of photographs of his time as President.
makam bung karno
The makam (mausoleum) is a square, tiered and open bale with a carved teak ceiling in the flame of victory motif from Jepara. Soekarno’s grave is flanked by those of his mother and father, but unlike their small marble sarcophagi, his is a simple oblong raised only a few centimeters off the floor. It is filled with white pebbles and always with fresh flower petals. Behind is a polished boulder with a short dedication to the’Proclaimer of Independence’ and the first President of the Republic of
Indonesia. It is a beautifully calm and architecturally pleasing place.Blitar is also another centre of the Majapahit Kingdom with several temples lying only a short distance from town. The best are Panataran Temple, from the reign of King Srengga of Kediri at the end of the 12th century and the biggest in East Java and Sawentar temple, in the Singasari architectural style from the 13th century.
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