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Banten Lama

Besides tourism, the beach and mountains, Banten province also has the potential attractions that have historical value, namely tourism Banten Lama. Located not far from the city of Serang, or more than one hour journey, the enchantment is not separated from the story of the triumph of Banten and prosperity of the people in the past and the remnants of progress can be found in some of the region. Unfortunately, the historic buildings and heritage Dutch Islamic kingdom of Banten XVI-XVIII century is not well.
Entering the area of Banten Lama will feel very thick with the feel of religinya. You can start with a round to go directly through the Great Mosque street gang or small. The left and right lane is filled by the vendors that offer a variety of souvenirs typical Banten. Setiba in the mosque, you will see a high tower which is approximately 15 meters, from the top will look very beautiful scenery. You can see a mosque or a full witness Surosowan with the palace wall (fortress) that mengelilinginya.
Fort area is about three hectares, with different fortresses in Europe, at the top of the cupola there is no fort or bastion. But even in a high poles where the soldiers outside the fort. At the time of Sultan Maulana Yusuf, son of Maulana Hasanuddin, strengthened the fort with rock and brick. Trench dug around the fortress-trench. While the palace was built in the swimming bath and the remaining buildings that can still be seen. Unfortunately, this place is less terawat.

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Potential that is not less interesting when you are visiting Banten on the other side of the Banten people still adhere to customs and culture. One is a place of quiet and far from urban areas. The Bedouin tribe of the name, that is located in the Village Kenekes, about 1.5 hour from Bitung Rangkas, Regency of Lebak. To go there, you can via the Lebak regency until Leuwidamar, and paths through the 10 km far from the village of Ciboleger, Cibungur Village.
Bedouin society is a tribe native Banten still maintain that tradition. Every April to May, the Bedouin is closed for outsiders who come because akan akan Ceremony held Kawalu, a kind of celebration of religious feast day.
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Bedouin tribe consists two parts, namely Badui In and Out Badui. The beautiful natural scenery and are traditionally of will teach how we should be together with the environment.
The beauty of the panorama in Banten Regency 4 and 4 cities, namely Serang, Tangerang, Lebak and Pandeglang who do have diversity.
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